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22 DECEMBER 2016

Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 26th - Tuesday 27th December - Closed
Wednesday 28th - Friday 30th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00

Monday 2nd January - Closed
Tuesday 3rd January - Normal services resume

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

04 DECEMBER 2015

Christmas Opening Hours

Thursday 24th December - Closed from 12.00 noon
Friday 25th - Monday 28th December - Closed
Tuesday 29th - Wednesday 30th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00

Thursday 31st December - Closed from 12.00 noon
Friday 1st January - Closed
Monday 4th January - Normal services resume

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

18 APRIL 2013

du Pre Group acquires Accounting Office Software Ltd

Today we announce the acquisition of Accounting Office Software Ltd by du Pré Group.

In a statement from Ian Richards, outgoing Managing Director of Accounting Office Software Ltd, he says "the development of Accounting Office and My.N software over the past decade has taken the company to the point where it offers very versatile options for the management of business information in many markets. Now is the right time for it to be acquired by a larger organisation that has the necessary expertise and resources to generate future growth and success. After careful consideration I selected the du Pré Group due to the proven capabilities and obvious synergies that it offers."

Ian is keen to emphasize and reassure existing customers that it is "business as normal." Ian is retained by the business in a consultative capacity and the existing development team remain in place and in their existing roles in the Neath office.

All existing licensing, support and queries will continue to operate as it has in the past.

du Pré Group is based in Newbury, Berkshire and includes school management information system specialist Double First Ltd which has a 25 year track record of developing and supporting accounting solutions in the education market.

du Pré Group Chairman and Managing Director Barry Anns stated, "Accounting Office Software Ltd is a perfect fit within our growing organisation. We have experience of applying My.N into the education market as a reseller."

“For Accounting Office’s existing customers and dealers it is not just business as usual, but better” Barry confirms. “We are already discussing with the team how to build on the company’s excellent products and services.

Further information on this can be found at

20 MARCH 2013

Highlights from Budget 2013

The Chancellor George Osborne has announced a raft of Budget tax measures to encourage business investment and growth.

Here are the Budget highlights for business:

  • Employment allowance: £2,000 NIC break unveiled for 2014 - 15
  • Employee Shareholder Status: shares for rights
  • Corporation Tax moves towards single 20% rate in 2015
  • VAT threshold rises to £79,000
  • Capital Gains Tax relief for SEIS shares
  • Stamp duty exemption for growth market shares
  • R&D Tax relief
  • Company cars: new low emission bands
  • Anti-Avoidance: Clampdown on tax scams could affect LLP's

Personal tax summary:

  • £10,000 personal allowances on the way for 2014-15
  • New childcare scheme from Autumn 2015: 20% support worth of child care costs up to £6,000 per year per child
  • Exemption threshold for employer provided beneficial loans
  • Consult due this year on collecting tax debt through the PAYE coding system
  • CGT relief extended for reinvesting gains in SEIS shares

1 MARCH 2013

Happy St David's Day

To all of our customers and friends, we wish you a happy St David's Day from sunny Wales.

The appearance of the bright daffodils heralds a sign that the dark nights are over and that Spring is on its way once again.

What better time to reflect on how things are run within your business, and look to improve on efficiencies, processes and profitability.

My.N provides visibility across the business allowing decisions to be made based on fact and up to date information.

As St David is credited with saying 'Do the little things' as with the right systems in place these can lead on to bigger and better times ahead.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

25 FEBRUARY 2013

Wonderful Weekend of Welsh Sport

Sporting fans all over Wales are settling down after a fantastic weekend of top class sport.

On Saturday Wales rugby team travelled to Italy for their 6 Nations match at The Olympic Stadium, and emerged triumphant beating the home side by 26 points to 9. This win sees them 2nd in the table, with matches still to play against England and Scotland.

Sunday saw a mass exodus of 33,000 fans from Swansea travel to Wembley to watch Swansea City FC beat Bradford City 5-0 to win the Capital One Cup. This secures Swansea a place to play in Europe next season.  Amazing news for a team that have risen through the ranks and are enjoying only their 2nd season in the Premiershipship.

Well done to both teams!

22 FEBRUARY 2013

Its All Getting a Bit Black and White

Black and White fever has hit the office today. Swansea City Football Club have made it to Wembley. The Capital One Finalists will take on Bradford City on Sunday afternoon.

Currently sitting at 8th in the League, a win would see Swansea bring home the biggest trophy in its 100 year history, as well as securing them a place in Europe next season.

Come on the Swans!!!


Cancellation of Training Course 25-27 Feb 2013

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the SQL Training Course scheduled for 25 - 27 February.

The next course will be in September, please watch this space for confirmation of dates.

Please contact Claire with any training requirements that you may have.


Champagne Days

I just love this!

On 17th October 1961, The Daily Mail newspaper interviewed Madame Bollinger. Here is her famous quote from the interview:

'I asked Madame Lily Bollinger, head of the Champagne house, who is in London to declare her 1955 vintage, how much she enjoyed her own product.

Madame Bollinger (vintage 1901 herself) replied thus: "I drink it when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and I drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it - unless I'm thirsty."

23 JANUARY 2013

Just When We Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Office

The white stuff starts falling from the skies again, and traffic mayhem ensues. Heavy snow in south Wales again affecting business and travel.

So another day working from home for me, still at least I'm able to carry on with planned work and can contact the people that I need to. All this is interspersed with another addition to the snowman family on the lawn, snow angels, and the obligatory biscuits and hot chocolate.

18 JANUARY 2013

Snow, Working from Home and Biscuits

Last night the skies over south Wales turned a subtle shade of purple and the snow started. My daughter is thrilled that her snow dance worked. 15cms of snow this morning and school is closed, the road outside is yet to be driven on by any of the neighbours so its a snow-day for us all.

Remote working is so much the norm for many people now that a slight inconvenience, like not being able to get the car off the driveway, doesnt stop businesses from ticking over. Granted that its more difficult for service and retail industries, but for the majority of us office-based staff, ever increasing broadband speeds mean that working from home is no different to working in the office.

My.N runs the same over an internet connection as it does for me sitting in the office. So today I can carry on as if I were at my desk - with the small interruptions of being pestered for biscuits, hot chocolate, snowball fights and building a snowman.

17 JANUARY 2013

What Really Killed HMV, Jessop and Blockbuster?

So much for optimism for 2013, 16 days in and already we've seen 3 high street retailers fail. But can the internet be blamed for these companies going under?

Cliff d'Arcy discusses the real reasons behind the failures. Click here to read more

It seems to me that we are experiencing a time of rapid evolution on the high street, those companies that are smart and are able to read the market and adapt their offering, will continue to florish. It's the old adage by Tony Robbins - If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

In the current economic climate, combined with a period of rapid product development, innovation and technology, it will be companies that are quickly able to adapt their business in line with ever-changing trends which will be the long-term winners.

7 JANUARY 2013

Cautious Optimism for the Year Ahead

2012 will be best remembered for the glitz and glamour of the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, and for showcasing Great Britain at its best. The big events of the past 12 months have showcased the nation, and the businesses that operate in it, in a positive light.

In his New Year message, John Walker - National Chairman of Federation of Small Businesses states:
"There is no argument that, despite the feel-good-factor, it has been another tough year for small businesses. Small firms have risen to the challenge – many have diversified and tried to grow. The signs are cautiously optimistic as we move into a New Year – after starting 2012 in recession, growth has edged back into positive territory and unemployment has fallen this year."

He concludes by saying "While 2013 won't have the glamour of the Olympics and the Jubilee, I hope that it will be the year in which we turn the corner into recovery. The signs seem to be positive, but it's going to be a long road ahead with some economists warning of a triple-dip recession, and others cautious optimism. There is little doubt small firms are best placed to help the recovery as long as they have the confidence and ability to invest and grow."

Here's raising a glass of your favourite tipple to toast the New Year, and the good fortune that it brings.

19 DECEMBER 2012

Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 24th December - Closed from 12.00 noon
Tuesday 25th - Thursday 27th December - Closed
Friday 28th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00

Monday 31st December - Closed from 12.00 noon
Tuesday 1st January - Closed
Wednesday 2nd January - normal services resume

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

17 DECEMBER 2012

Which software for stock accounting?

A recent post on Any Answers board of AccountingWeb website prompted many considerations, suggestions and thoughts on the various software packages available today.

Take a look for further information and click here to read the discussion in full

12 DECEMBER 2012

What is it with 12.12.12?

Well, its the last time (certainly in my lifetime) that we will have a numerically repeating date, and it got me thinking is today really a lucky day, or does it mark the end of the world?

Many Asian cultures believe that 12.12.12 is indeed a lucky day, with many couple flocking to get married on this date, and many others who have planned the birth of their child to coincide with this date. Certainly for one boy in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, it will be a lucky day as the worlds media have turned their attention to the fact that he will be turning 12 years old at 12.12 on 12.12.12. I'm sure that he will consider himself to be a lucky boy with the additional focus and presents he will receive today.

Thousands of documentary makers across the globe will simultaneously record their lives over a 24-hour period on December 12 to create a film entitled One Day on Earth. This will see the launch of the third collaborative filmmaking event in the One Day on Earth series after 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.

Many other events have been planned across the globe to take place at noon on 12.12.12 to celebrate what is being termed World Day of Interconnectedness.

However, many internet doomsayers have declared that today will mark the end of the world.

So far, I'm glad to say that we are still here. Personally, I'll view today as something novel and to be remembered. However, according to the Mayan calendar the world is doomed on 21.12.12, perhaps I could use this as an excuse to not finish my Christmas shopping!

Whatever your view on 12.12.12, I wish you a lucky day!

10 DECEMBER 2012

AO Christmas Lunch

Last Friday we were treated to a festive lunch.

For those of you who haven't already met the Support Team at AO: from left to right we have Rhodri Williams, Ian Richards, Wayne Lake and Paul Wheeler.


Summary of Autumn Statement 2012

The Chancellor George Osborne today delivered his Autumn Statement in which he said that there would be no net tax rises, along with the Office for Budget Responsibility’s updated forecasts for growth (1.2% for 2013, rising to 2.8% by 2017) and borrowing (to fall from £108bn in 2012/13 to £31bn in 2017/18).

Some of the key changes announced today include:

  • Cancellation of the previously proposed fuel duty increases
  • For businesses the ten fold increase in the Annual Investment Allowance to £250,000 for 2 years from January 2013 will be welcome
  • Mr Osborne proposed a further reduction in the main Corporation Tax rate to just 21% from April 2014
  • Personal allowance for tax payers will increase by £235 to £9,440 in 2013/14
  • The Chancellor has pledged to look into tax evasion and avoidance. A treaty with Switzerland is expected to raise £5bn over six years to deal with undisclosed bank accounts
  • Deficit to fall from 7.9% to 6.9% of GDP this year, and to continue falling to 1.6% by 2017/18
  • Borrowing forecast to fall from £108bn this year to £31bn in 2017/18
  • Government spending - the period of austerity to be extended by another year to 2017/18

17 OCTOBER 2012

Office Closure

Please note that the office will be closed on Friday 19th October 2012 between the hours of 09.30 and 12.30.

During this time our anwering service will be taking messages. We will respond to these upon our return.

For any urgent relicensing issues, please send an email to Paul Wheeler on

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Training Dates for 2013 now released

The dates for the next training course for users of My.N and Accounting Office have been released today. Comprising 3 intensive days the course has been developed to help you get the most out of your system.

25 - 26 February 2013 - Basics of SQL and Understanding your Data

These 2 days will provide you with an understanding of how your data is structured, how to perform queries, how your data links together and how it can be reported upon in a way that suits your individual requirements.

You will be also learn the tools to get more out of your system and a grounding for further developing your skills. This hands-on based course allows you to practice what you learn giving you immediate results to use within your own business.

It will cover:

  • basics of database structure
  • how to construct interactive queries with your data
  • identifying My.N tables
  • examples and experience of using queries to get the results you require quickly and easily

Example: Sales per day by product type.
Example: What customers in Manchester have average sales of more than £500 per day, but always pay more than 20 days late.

27 February 2013 - Structured Reporting

Day 3 provides experience of using OpenDoor – My.N’s own report writer.

OpenDoor is a Windows based tool for producing reports and interactive drill-down enquiries enabling you to design your own document formats, system stationery and advanced reporting.

It will allow you to:

  • produce detailed management reports
  • to set up common reports which can be used throughout the business
  • create reports with embedded sub-reports and logos
  • export report information into other systems
  • conduct more complex querying
  • create your own system stationery invoices, credit notes, despatch notes etc
  • produce graphical illustrations of your data

Places are booked on a first-come first-served basis, and are strictly limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

For further details and a booking form, please call Claire on 01792 818177



Following ten years outstanding service with the company, Jonathan Harris has left Accounting Office Software Limited to form a new business.

Jonathan was one of the founders of Accounting Office Software Ltd, and had it not been for his dedication and determination the business would not exist today.

We will miss him in the office, but will not be saying goodbye entirely, as his new venture has already signed as a My.N dealership, and we look forward to working with him in a new capacity in the years to come.

Please join us in wishing Jonathan the very best of success.

10 AUGUST 2012

What Britain does well

On the back of the success at the Olympic Games, as the gold dust starts to settle, and we all return to normality, now is a great time to ponder just what Great Britain does well.

The opening ceremony at the Olympics celebrated Britain leading the industrial revolution, and we continue to lead the way today with outstanding developments in technology, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and other industries. We all too easily forget the profound impact on daily life that British ingenuity has had, the events of the last few months should make us all positive and proud about what we do so well.

Britain still remains an important manufacturing nation and the manufacturing sector remains a vital part of the economy:

  • 10% of UK GVA (Gross Value Added) is generated by the manufacturing sector
  • Approx 2.5 million people are employed in manufacturing
  • Half of the UK's exports are manufactured goods
  • The UK is the world’s 9th largest manufacturer

As the UK gears up for economic recovery, the manufacturing sector must be a key part of that plan. Manufacturing companies need to be well equipped for growth opportunities, the development of new products and making sure that they stay one step ahead of the competition. To do this, companies need to ensure that their systems are in good shape.

Real-time information is key to making better informed, quicker business decisions. A single integrated system is vital to the continued success of any manufacturing company as the markets start to improve. From well-organised marketing campaigns, to accurate purchasing; JIT manufacturing to on-time deliveries, a single system saves time, improves accuracy and provides visibility throughout the organisation.

9 AUGUST 2012

Give your CRM a personal touch

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) guest blogger Mike Cox writes 'There has been a seismic shift in how marketers use CRM to attract and retain customers. Historically, it was used to passively monitor consumer behaviour and then create campaigns based on predictions around these observations. If a customer purchased a product, future campaigns would hinge on the assumption that the customer would be receptive to similar products or services.

These days, brands use CRM more dynamically. Not only are brands looking to predict how customers will behave, they are also using CRM to influence consumers and their purchasing decisions'

Having instant access to what your customers have bought in the past along with what product groups and types they are interested in, means that you can provide them with highly relevant email marketing offers which you know they are likely to buy.

My.N from Accounting Office is fully integrated into the main business management system allowing you to send highly targeted and personalised emails to your entire prospect and customer list based on their past purchases and stated product preferences.

And pwerful reporting and follow-up tools allow you to make contact with those who opened and clikced through on the email offer.

Powerful stuff for any sales and marketing department!

3 AUGUST 2012

DMA shows importance of understanding results of email marketing

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) latest whitepaper highlights how email marketing continues to be hugely successful in building and maintaining profitable customer relationships.

This is in no small part due to the rich measurement that is possible for email marketing campaigns.

My.N Organize has advanced reporting metrics as standard meaning that you can measure your relationships with your prospects, customers and suppliers. Armed with this intelligence you can constantly monitor and improve your offerings gaining increased sales and repeat sales.

For a demo of how this could work for your company, just give Jonathan a call on 01792 818177.

26 JULY 2012

Supporting Team GB, and current installations

Last night saw the Olympics opening event in Wales' Cardiff Millenium Stadium with the GB Ladies Football team winning their first match against New Zealand. Well done Ladies.

With the promised spectacle of the Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony in London tomorrow, in the office we are all looking forward to following Team GB and their successes over the coming weeks.

Its still business as usual for us, with the added excitement of 2 new software installations happening in London and East Midlands. More of this to follow shortly.

23 JULY 2012

Remote working trend rises as Olympics get closer

It is expected that 1 million extra people will be using London's transport system over the coming weeks, hence the government advising London-based businesses to consider flexible working and working remotely from home.

Recent research suggests that one third of businesses will encourage flexible working during the Olympics and are gearing up to ensure continuity in business operations.

Empowering your employees with the tools to continue working from home just as if they were in the office has many advantages.

Rather than people taking annual leave, or even worse, 'pulling a sickie' just so that they can watch Usain Bolt in the mens 100m sprint final, or the chance of a British gold medal in the cycling; allow your staff to work from home that day so that they can work around the event.

My.N business management software works exactly the same remotely as it does on an office-based PC, and therefore removes the need for executives to physically travel to their offices to meet with each other face-to-face during the Olympics, thus offering a perfect solution to businesses to ensure smooth operations.

Real-time information can be processed and is instantly available to everyone back in the office.

Not only is this valuable during the Olympics, but at any time of the year. Give your business the edge.

Give us a call on 01792 818177 to see how your business can benefit from flexible working arrangements for your staff.

12 JULY 2012

Many thanks

Many thanks to all who attended our User Group meeting yesterday. It was great spending time with our customers, understanding their requirements and how they use My.N within their own businesses.

Should you have any questions relating to any of our presentations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

2 JULY 2012

My.N software holds your business together

My.N from Accounting Office is fully integrated into the main business management system allowing instant and up to the minute information on latest sales and stock availability. Customer and supplier information along with all emails all in one place. No more islands of information held on remote PC's.

My.N software holds your business together providing the tools to grow your business more effectively.

18 JUNE 2012

Venue details for User Group meeting - 11th July 2012

We are pleased to confirm the venue for the annual Accounting Office User Group meeting on Wednesday 11th July 2012.

Chandos House, 2 Queen Anne Street, London W1G 9LQ.

If you havent yet confirmed your place, please call or email Claire.

We look forward to seeing you there!

11 JUNE 2012

User Group meeting - 1 month to go

The annual Accounting Office User Group meeting is just one month away on 11th July 2012.

This is a free event and open to all users of My.N and Accounting Office.

If you havent yet confirmed your place, please call or email Claire.

We look forward to seeing you there!

25 MAY 2012

Sunshine and Olympic fever

Summer has finally arrived in south Wales and we have been basking in glorious sunshine all week. Even the developer team here at Accounting Office have been out in the sun giving them a burst of energy to complete lots of projects and a new release of My.N.

Olympic fever is in the air with the Olympic torch arriving in the area this weekend. It's very exciting to be part of such an historic event, and a great lead-in to the glorious Jubilee Celebrations next weekend. Even as proud Welsh people, we will be waving the red, white and blue flags with the rest of the country.

2 MAY 2012

Will it be business as usual for you this summer?

Annual holidays, disruptions to travel and a certain major sporting event could make this year particularly challenging. What plans have you made to keep your business running smoothly?

Giving your staff the tools to work from home just as effectively as if they were in the office could prove popular and profitable.

For a demo of the system, please email or call me on 01792 818177.

25 APRIL 2012

Integration, not interfaced

Software integration does not mean just applications that work together. It also means that they exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface and, more importantly, they evolve together.

Many ERP systems are hiding functional gaps by offering a ‘modular design’ which often requires custom interfaces and complex maintenance. My.N offers you both rich and fully-integrated functionality in all areas of your business for accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales and manufacturing.

16 APRIL 2012

Have you got the competitive edge?

Improved cost management through better stock control, as well as greater business transparency via real-time detailed business reporting provides your organization with the competitive edge.

Does your business software support you by giving you this information?

If not, get in touch to see how we can help put you back in control of your business.

2 APRIL 2012

Tell your staff to stay at home

You could make more money if your employees didn’t turn up to work. Sounds unlikely, but more and more businesses are taking advantage of changes in technology which mean people can work as effectively and profitably from home or on the move as they can at their office desk.

A BT Business / YouGov study showed 50% of UK business directors believe flexible working increases productivity. Combine that with research showing a third of UK workers willing to forego pay rises in return for flexible working, and you have a pretty compelling case.

But what technology is needed to ensure that staff are working and working effectively at home?

By giving staff members access to the same system that they are used to working with when they are in the office means that the same work can be completed. Data, documents and layout are in the same form that they are used to, and with increasing broadband speeds across the UK, mobile workers can work just as quickly as if they were in the office.

My.N from Accounting Office can be provided as a traditional Windows package for the office, as well as available over the Web for mobile and home workers.

Call us on 01792 818177 if you would like to see how this could work for your business.

21 MARCH 2012

Highlights from Budget 2012

George Osborne said the Budget of 21st March 2012 "unashamedly backs business".

Here are the Budget highlights for business:

  • Basic rate of corporation tax to be cut from 26% to 24% next month. It will then fall to 23% next year, and 22% in 2014.
  • Top rate of income tax to go down from 50% to 45% from April 2013.
  • Tax relief for the video games, animation and high-end television production sectors.
  • Enterprise finance guarantee, in which the government guarantees bank loans to small business, to be expanded.
  • Increased financial support for exporters.
  • Enhanced capital allowances for businesses setting up in new Enterprise Parks in Dundee, Irvine, Nigg and Deesside.

10 JANUARY 2012

Want to grow your business in 2012

“To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.”


Alan Cohen

21 DECEMBER 2011

Christmas Opening Hours

Please note our opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period

  • Monday 26th December - Closed
  • Tuesday 27th December - Closed
  • Wednesday 28th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Thursday 29th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Friday 30th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Monday 2nd January - Closed
  • Tuesday 3rd January onwards - Normal services resume

Merry Christmas from all of us at Accounting Office Software Ltd.


New voice at the end of the telephone

We are pleased to announce a new graduate within our software development team.

Rhodri Williams has completed his training period, and has now joined Paul and Sion to answer any support queries that you may have.

Telephone number for My.N support is 01792 818177.

10 OCTOBER 2011

A better way of staying in touch with your customers, suppliers and prospects

Companies of all sizes need to be able to keep in touch with their customers, suppliers and prospects. There are many CRM packages available which are very good, however, they usually work in isolation as an 'address book' of business contacts.

Of more use to successful companies is a CRM system which is part of your main business software. My.N from Accounting Office allows you to build better relationships with your contacts based on previous orders, stated preferences, frequency and latency of orders etc.

If you're considering something like ACT! then Click Here for a great alternative.

3 OCTOBER 2011

My.N is great alternative if you're looking for Sage Line 200

From a commercial point of view, My.N has a lower cost of entry whilst providing similar, and in many cases better functionality. The implementation cycle is also shorter which will save you money and get you up and running more quickly.

For further details please Click Here

30 AUGUST 2011

Dashboard for Mailers now available

A dashboard is now available allowing you to quickly view your progress when sending a large emailer.

This shows number of emails sent, bounce rate, number of emails opened, number of click throughs, along with a graph showing the times that people opened the emails as well as which links within the email they clicked on.

All very powerful tools for any marketing department.

For further details please have a chat with Claire on 01792 818177

22 AUGUST 2011

New VAT Return Report

New report available showing advanced breakdown of a provisional VAT return.

For further details please call 01792 818177

10 AUGUST 2011

Don't let the disruptions ruin your business

Despite the recent troubled times in many cities across the UK, businesses can continue as usual with the right techonology.

Working remotely means that you can continue to operate from any location with an internet connection. This safeguards your profitability, and protects your reputation, allowing you to carry on doing business whilst the rest of the country seems in chaos.

Have confidence in the correct systems, keep calm and carry on.    Click here for more info

27 JULY 2011

Oddbins was 'killed' by its back-end

Simon Baile has admitted that it was the back-end of the Oddbins business that 'killed' the off licence chain.

"It was the back-end of the business that ultimately killed it. Working with such low margins, it's incredibly important you get that right. If you get that wrong it doesn't matter what you do at the front"

Read the article in full here

Don't let the same happen to you, give us a call today for a free evaluation.

18 JULY 2011

Dashboard just released

We're very excited about the release of My.N Dashboard which graphically shows you key information on your customers and suppliers.

This is hot off the press, check back soon for more details and screenshots

8 JULY 2011

New Release being Tested

The next release of My.N is now in its test phase.

Significant changes have been made using latest technologies to ensure the My.N remains at the top of its game.

General release should happen next week.

6 JULY 2011

We're now on Twitter

Please follow us for a further insight into our world - @aosltd

Our public profile is

Follow aosltd on Twitter

5 JULY 2011

New Case Study

See how The Antique Wine Company have experienced unparalleled rates of growth and expansion since installing My.N.

To read this in full, please click here.

21 JUNE 2011

User Group 2011

Location: The Royal School of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London

09.00 start

Ian Richards and team are here to answer any of your questions, and to hear your suggestions for product development, enhancements and fixes. As well as giving you details on what we've been working on over the past 12 months, and more importantly, giving you the chance to influence future developments.

We look forward to seeing you there.

26 MAY 2011

User Group 2011

It's the time of year again when we invite our lovely customers to attend the annual Accounting Office User Group meeting.

For those who are not familiar with this annual event - User Groups are a fantastic opportunity for you to have direct contact with the development team here at Accounting Office, as well as meeting with other users of the software. This also gives you the chance to benefit from sharing common user experiences and best practices with other My.N users.

Ian Richards and team will be available to answer any of your questions, and to hear your suggestions for product development, enhancements and fixes. As well as giving you details on what we've been working on over the past 12 months, and more importantly, giving you the chance to influence future developments.

This year's User Group will be held in London on Tuesday 21st June 2011.

To book your place, please call Claire on 01792 818177

We look forward to seeing you there.

23 MARCH 2011

Key Points from 'fiscally neutral' Budget

The key points of Chancellor George Osborne's 'fiscally neutral' budget, delivered on 23 March 2011.


  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief lifetime limit doubled
  • Corporation tax rates - extra 1% reduction from April
  • Capital allowances: AIA reduced by short life election extended to 8 years
  • Business Rates - small business rate relief scheme extended
  • Business Premises renovation allowance
  • VAT registration threshold changes
  • 21 'enterprise zones' to be created
  • IR35 - to be "modified"


  • Personal allowances raised to £8,105 in 2011-12
  • Consultation to start on merging Income Tax and NICs
  • Non-domicile taxation charge increased from 2012
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trusts extended


Inflation is due to remain between 4% and 5% this year, dropping to 2.5% next year.

2011 growth forecast downgraded from 2.1% to 1.7%, however GDP growth is forecast to strengthen - peaking at 2.9% in 2013.

21 MARCH 2011

Enhanced Control over your Internal Requisitions

Extended functionality to budgets and requisitions now enables companies to set up each department as an internal customer.

Requisitions for consumables as well as general expenses can be created. As these items are part of the overall stock system, this allows the stock to be written off when the goods are consumed.

This is particularly useful for companies that have significant levels of internal expenditure - for example schools, care homes, not-for-profit organizations.

Should you require any further information, please contact Jonathan Harris on 01792 818177.


Amazing Mailer Results

The results of an actual email campaign that we ran recently are now available for all to see. Please click here to be taken to the CRM page.

One of the hardest things for any marketeer is the lack of feedback received from a campaign. Time, brain-power and money are spent sending out wonderful literature and offers, but it's always been very difficult to understand who has opened, read or acted on the offer.

Email marketing and link tracking has revolutionised this, My.N is now able to report on how many emails were opened, who opened them and when, what links within the email were clicked, and how many times.

From the results received this week, we achieved an amazing 'click through' ratio of over 32%. Importantly, we also know who clicked through to our website for more information. For example, one prospect clicked on a link 7 times over 4 days, this indicates to me that they are interested in what we have to offer. So, armed with this information, we were able to make contact with him and have a meaningful conversation about his business, understanding his needs and requirements.

By understanding which links were clicked most, it also allows me to tailor my future emails based on evidence of what works rather than just my own subjective views.

This reporting comes as standard within the Organize module, and can used as a quick, eaasy and cost-effective way to contact your prospect list on a regular basis.

21 DECEMBER 2010

Christmas Opening Hours

Please note our opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period

  • Monday 27th December - Closed
  • Tuesday 28th December - Closed
  • Wednesday 29th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Thursday 30th December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Friday 31st December - Open 09.00 - 17.00
  • Monday 3rd January - Closed
  • Tuesday 4th January - Open 09.00 - 17.00 please note only limited support available
  • Wednesday 5th January onwards - Normal services resume

Merry Christmas from all of us at Accounting Office Software Ltd.

20 DECEMBER 2010

Managing the VAT Rate Change

In his 2010 Emergency Budget, the Chancellor announced an increase in the standard rate of VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent effective from 4 January 2011. This change affects any VAT registered business that sells or purchases goods or services that are subject to the standard rate of VAT.

Please find detailed below a utility which gives the following functionality:

  • Resetting of your standard rate of VAT, R1 to 20%
  • Resetting of the VAT inclusive (gross) price on the stock record reflecting the increase in the rate of VAT

*Prior to using this utility, please take a backup of your data in accordance with your usual backup routine.

The utility should be run after all transactions have been processed up to 3 January 2011, and before any transactions are processed on the 4 January 2011. Please note that if a transaction dated 3 January 2011 is processed on 4 January 2011, the system will apply the 20% VAT rate.

If you are running My.N, this is the link to the utility:

If you are running Accounting Office, the link is:

To run this you need to unzip the file, save it into C:\Programe Files\My.N directory then run it.

Please note that this change should be managed internally by your company, any additional support queries that may arise from this change are not part of the standard maintenance agreement.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the support team on 01792 818177.

17 DECEMBER 2010

Recent work on statements allows you to produce exactly what you want, in the format you require.

By default you can now produce statements which:

  • only include values over a predefined amount
  • only include values overdue by a certain number of days
  • excludes statements with zero values
  • companies that have an email address registered, will have statements emailed to them.

This saves you time by producing only the information you require - no more producing a full set of statements and deleting the ones that are not needed.   It simply gives you more control of your system.

22 NOVEMBER 2010

Here Comes the Snow!

Snow has started to fall, and already parts of the country are experiencing severe disruptions.

However, modern technology and a bit of common sense can minimise further disruption. Remote working makes it possible to be productive in almost any location.

My.N allows you to access your work systems wherever you may be. So with a blanket of snow outside you are able to log in from the warmth of your own home and carry on as if you were in the office.

Functionality remains the same, so your business can continue to operate. Quotations generated, orders and payments taken, purchasing processed, invoices sent, emails answered, marketing continues, and most importantly your customers will not be let down.


Enterprise-Style Functionality at a Great Price

Recent discussions with new customers have confirmed that My.N offers a high level of functionality at a very competitive price.

This means that SME’s are now able to afford enterprise-style systems ensuring they can compete with the ‘big boys’.

Industry-specific options are often included as standard. Could this give your business the edge?

My.N could prove to be the vital tool in your businesses’ armoury.

22 OCTOBER 2010

Understanding the Needs of Your Customers at Your Busiest Time of the Year

Relevance is the key to marketing effectively.

You probably know which of your customers bought from you during the last 12 months; but can you tell – at the touch of a button – who bought your most profitable items, within the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas last year, and have purchased the same product type since?

If you had this sort of information readily at hand, you would know who is most likely to buy from you again this Christmas, and therefore, who to concentrate your marketing efforts on.

Put simply, if you are able to understand the needs of your client, then you can send them offers more relevant to them, meaning that they are more likely to buy from you.

For further details on how My.N can help your business achieve great sales results this Christmas, please call Jonathan on 01792 818177

18 OCTOBER 2010

Be Prepared for a Harsh Winter

Businesses are being urged to be prepared this winter by using an innovative business management package that enables workers to stay in touch even when they cannot make it into the office.

To read this news item in full, please click here .

14 OCTOBER 2010

Training Course Dates just released

The next training course for users of My.N and Accounting Office have been released today.  The series of 3 intensive days has been developed to help you get the most out of your system.

Days 1 & 2: Basics of SQL and Understanding your Data - Jan 25th and 26th 2011

Day 3: Structured Reporting - Jan 27th 2011

Numbers are strictly limited and fill up fast.

Places are booked on a first-come first-served basis, please book early to avoid disappointment.

For further details and a booking form, please call Claire on 01792 818177

05 OCTOBER 2010

Will your marketing let you down this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for great opportunities. Is your marketing as effective as you would like it to be at your busiest time of the year?

My.N is a powerful, fully integrated system which drives your marketing and therefore your sales. It allows you to quickly send highly targeted, relevant offers to those customers who you know will buy from you.

More sophisticated than traditional CRM packages, My.N lets you send great offers based on your customer's individual tastes, likes and dislikes, stated preferences, recency and latency of ordering etc.

For further details give Claire a call on 01792 818177.

18 AUGUST 2010

Easy ways to search your stock

If you have multiple ways of categorizing your stock, a new feature in My.N will help you greatly.

It is now possible to convert some standard fields to look up boxes.

This allows you to create up to 5 unique look ups which will automatically link to a stock item. This saves you valuable time when entering items to a sales, purchase or works order.

For further details please contact us on 01792 818177.

30 JULY 2010

Holiday Season Arrives With a One-Stop Destination for Emails

Revolutionary email management system is saving UK businesses time and money.

To read this news item in full, please click here .

19 JULY 2010

Getting ready for office move

Final arrangements are being made ready for our office move next  week.

From Wednesday 28th July 2010 our new address details are:

Accounting Office Software Ltd

Newby Business Centre

Neath Abbey Business Park

Neath SA10 7DR

Telephone number remains the same - 01792 818177.

7 JULY 2010

VAT Analysis Breakdown Report

New standard report available within My.N.

This will tell you what information was used to complete each box on your VAT return. It will also tell you what was NOT included.

For further details, please contact Wayne Lake.

29 JUNE 2010

My.N Organize Allows You To Send and Control Email Marketing

We wanted to test two styles of email marketing to see which type would return the better results; emails with images or plain text emails, the results were very interesting:

The version with images was opened by 12% of recipients, 0.8% clicked through the links.

The plain text version was opened by less people (10.5%), but the click through rate was 4 times higher at 3.4%.

This allows you to test and refine your email marketing to ensure the improved success of your future campaigns.

If you would like more information on how this works, simply call Jonathan Harris on 01792 818177 or click here and we will call you.

23 JUNE 2010

FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, Ascot, International Cricket ... is there anyone left in the office?

As a nation we are well known for our passion for sport, and with the great British summer being full of key sporting events (not to mention employees taking annual leave), how can you ensure that your business and more importantly your customers do not suffer?

Successful businesses understand the value of exceptional customer service, however, it is during times when you are at your busiest or when staff are absent that standards may slip.

A simple way to overcome this is to ensure that all communications (emails, quotations, documents, spreadsheets) with all your clients are available to everyone in the business at all times. This means that whether a member of staff is sitting at Centre Court in Wimbledon, at the local pub watching England in the World Cup, or on a beach in Barbados, all the information you need to satisfy your customers is accessible to those left in the office.

No longer are emails and important documents locked in an individual’s email account, or saved in their personal folders on the server.

My.N Organize ensures that all important information is saved where it is of most use to you – saved against the company's record within your single, integrated management system. Alongside all of your other important information and available to everybody who needs access to it and safely backed up every night.

An integrated system, using just one database, has significant benefits across your business. Not only during times of great sporting activities and holidays, but also for the other 10 months of the year (this year and every year!).

22 JUNE 2010

Emergency Budget - Latest

The key points - affecting businesses - of Chancellor George Osborne's first budget, delivered on 22 June, 2010.


The rate of VAT will rise from 17.5% to 20% from January 4, 2011.

Personal income tax allowance to be increased by £1,000 in April to £7,475 - worth £170 a year to basic rate taxpayers.


From April 2011, the threshold at which employers start to pay National Insurance will rise by £21 per week, above indexation.

Corporation Tax will be cut next year to 27%, and by 1% annually for the next three years, until it reaches 24%. The small companies' tax rate will be cut to 20%.


The economy is predicted to grow by 1.2 % this year, 2.3% next year, 2.8% in 2012, 2.9% in 2013 and 2.7% in both 2014 and in 2015.

21 JUNE 2010

Useful SQL statement

This can be used if you want to view all cash book transactions for a nominated cash book and date.
select *from cshbk where cshcode='100' and trandate='16-jun-2010'

15 JUNE 2010

Disaster averted in the office
A major disaster was narrowly averted in the office today when a cup of coffee was spilt over a colleague’s laptop.

After the initial shock (and profanities) had waned, attention was turned to the huge amount of information that was stored on the laptop... years of information, intelligence and contacts all ‘safely’ stored on the hard drive, what now of these?

Luckily we are using My.N Organize, which means that all communications into or out of the business are automatically saved (and backed up every night) within the main business management system. Emails, documents, spreadsheets etc are all saved against a contact’s record.

By the time a replacement cup of coffee had been made, my colleague was happily working again on another PC in the office. The documents he was working on were exactly where he saved them, all his emails (sent and received) were immediately visible to him, and normality was resumed.

It was not such good news for the laptop however, which even though it has now dried out, the hard drive in unrecoverable.

18 JUNE 2010

TRM - The New CRM

New software is promising to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their customers, suppliers and prospects – and make a famous three-letter abbreviation redundant.

To read this news item in full, please click here .

26 MAY 2010

User Group Meeting, Birmingham
9am start, Holiday Inn Birmingham City, Smallbrook, Birmingham

20 MAY 2010

Issues with duplicate accounts
Recently a customer had issues with duplicate accounts being created in the system. Here is a SQL statement which will show duplicate accounts in the Companies table based on the first 15 characters of the account name:

select substring(a.acname,1,15), count(substring(a.acname,1,15)), b.acno, b.acname from companies a left outer join companies as b on substring(a.acname,1,15) = substring(b.acname,1,15) group by substring(a.acname,1,15), b.acno, b.acname having count(substring(a.acname,1,15)) > 1 order by 1

13 MAY 2010

Wine Industry User Group Meeting
St Martins-in-the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London 9am start

27 APRIL 2010

Businesses Use the WOW Factor to Overcome UK Airspace Closure

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland - which led to thousands of Brits being stranded abroad - left many SME's struggling to cope.

With staff spread across the world unable to make it to the office, many will see their business suffer. But the latest version of Accounting Office Software Ltd's business management and accounting software system My.N means that employees have been able to work from anywhere in the world - keeping them in control of their business.

To read this news item in full, please click here .

26 APRIL 2010

Sending emails directly from My.N now released.
Saves you time and effort as all your correspondence is seamlessly linked into your existing database

7 APRIL 2010

New Case Study

See how Thomas & Fontaine Ltd have streamlined their unusual and challenging business processes since using My.N.

To read this in full, please click here.

25 APRIL 2010

My.N Organize live!

16 MARCH 2010

My.N Organize Sets A New Standard in Business Communications

Accounting Office Software Limited are thrilled to be launching their new communication and marketing module - My.N Organize.

My.N Organize is a new type of software for managing sales leads, documents, tasks, bulk mailings, emails, follow-ups, correspondence, accounts, debt chasing.

To read this item in full, please click here.

27 JANUARY 2010

Accounting Office Win International Business

Accounting Office Software Ltd, based in Neath, south Wales, are delighted to announce that they have just secured an significant order with international company Agra Trading.

To read this item in full, please click here.

17 NOVEMBER 2009

Success Stories

Some recent Case Studies showing a small sample of companies that have seen significant improvements to their business since implementing My.N from Accounting Office Software Ltd.

Please click here for further details.

12 NOVEMBER 2009

Drinks Businesses Run in the Cloud

Accounting Office Software Ltd today announces the release of the web-based version of their business management system designed specifically for the Drinks Industry.

Please click here to read this item in full.

26 OCTOBER 2009

Run Your Business in the Cloud

Classic Accounting Software Goes Online.

A NEW HYBRID accounting and business management system will offer SMEs much greater flexibility than its ‘off-the-shelf’ competitors, it has been claimed.

The latest WOW (Web or Windows) version of My.N means users can access the same system whether they are sitting in the office or on a train heading for a meeting.

Please click here to read this item in full.

11 FEBRUARY 2009

Accounting Office Software Ltd Releases Report Generator as Free Open Source Software

Accounting Office Software Ltd today releases the source code of its My.N report generator under an open source license.

Known as OpenDoor, the reporting software can be used to produce user-editable reports, charts, graphs and drill-down enquiry screens from any SQL database including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. It can also be used to integrate reporting functionality into any business application.

Please click here to read this item in full.

4 JUNE 2009

Accounting Office Release Ecommerce Solution with Integrated Accounts.

South Wales based Accounting Office Software Ltd today announces the release of My.N WebShop, an integrated ecommerce solution with a range of options for new and established companies. This allows users to run their whole business from a single database.

Please click here to read this item in full.

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