About My.N


My.N from Accounting Office is a fully integrated business management and accounting software system makes it easy and natural for information arising from your everyday processes to be filed, stored and referenced in your central database.

The goal of integrated business management and accounting software is to ensure that all ‘front office’ activities, such as dealing with customers, correspondence and sending mailers; work with the same data as ‘back office’ activities such as despatching, invoicing and accounting.

As we all know, people are happiest using applications they are familiar with. Therefore, we have extended the integration of My.N business management and accounting software out to Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. This allows you to store any incoming or outgoing mail, along with attachments, in your back-office database. Documents may be generated automatically from templates to produce quotes, price lists or general correspondence. These may then be logged, stored or retrieved by any staff member with the relevant access rights. This can be from any PC connected to the network, or while working remotely through the system’s Web Browser interface.

Our approach to integration is just one of the many opportunities you will have to build yourself a better business – block by block.


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